My research interests span a number of issues and disciplines but focus mainly on the well being of children and young people who experience adversity. I also have a keen interest in the development and evaluation of social interventions and policies.

My interest in research with children and young people stems from my time as a practitioner working with young people in and on the edge of care. Through my research I am seeking to understand the processes underlying the difficulties young people face to achieve their full potential. My objectives are to contribute to knowledge on risk and protective factors and the effectiveness of interventions. I am also interested in the broader structural issues that impede children’s success.

Current research projects:

  • What are the life-course outcomes of people who have experienced adversity in childhood? (PI: Prof Lucy Bowes at the oRANGE Lab). We work in collaboration with Prof Sian Pooley in the Department of History at the University of Oxford. We are funded by the Calleva Foundation at Magdalen College, Oxford.
  • What is the evidence on carer involvement in education to improve the educational outcomes of children in care? An international systematic review (co-authors: Dr AJ Hickey, University of Ottawa, Dr Francis Vergunst, Université de Montréal and Dr Karen Winter, Queen’s University Belfast)


Completed or prior research projects: