What is the evidence on carer involvement for the educational outcomes of children in care?

Co-author: AJ Hickey (University of Ottawa)

Extensive research has shown the link between the involvement of parents in the education of their children and attainment (e.g. Hattie, 2009; Hill & Tyson, 2009; Nye, Turner & Schwartz, 2006). But does this finding translate to children in care? If foster or kinship carers were more involved in the education of children they care for lp with reading or get involved in school activities would this help raise the attainment of children in care?

This paper is a scoping review on carer involvement for children in care. Its objectives are as follows:

  • To survey the research literature to understand how carers are involved in the education of the children they care for.
  • To examine how carer involvement is conceptualised and defined in the literature on the education of children in care.
  • To understand the role that carer involvement plays in eduational trajectories of children in care.
  • To determine whether there is an association between carer involvement and attainment for children in care and to explore the evidence on the nature of this association (if it exists).

Expected completion date: March 2018

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